_casa caminada

In Fürstenau, the smallest city in the world, Casa Caminada is located and its more than just the sum of its stones and beams. It is a place of peace and security, of culinary traditions and discoveries. Down-to-earth and at the same time cosmopolitan, lovingly designed and passionately managed. With one luxury: space to dream and relax; an ode to simplicity and a bow to Graubünden and its people.

rocking chair
muller van

_“Design with a touch of soul” 

Fien and Hannes made their
iconic seats with a leather
cloth spanned between two
horizontal bars. After that, they
designed the rocking chair
which is constructed by the
same principal. Just as with all
Muller Van Severen’s designs,
transparency is key. And so it
swings through the space of the
interior without ever covering the

duo seat
muller van

Unlike a massive sofa that
sheaths a part of the interior,
the duo seat ensures lightness
and visual clarity. The seating
is made from a linen fabric seating
that comes in red & pink. And
although it may look uncomfortable
to some, the duo seat actually sits
quite nicely.


Andreas Caminada


rocking chair
duo seat