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_looking for a valuable gift?

We made a selection of our most precious objects to inspire you on your hunt for valuable and timeless gifts for your loved ones. Add our gift ideas to your wishlist and share with your family and friends to ensure your biggest smile appears when unpackaking your gifts!
V8018008 valerie_objects maarten baas

pepper mill black

by maarten baas
V9020205 valerie_objects maarten baas

carafe xl smokey grey inner circle

by maarten baas
V8018001 valerie_objects muller van severen

pepper mill orange

by muller van severen
V9020009LG valerie_objects maarten baas

teapot light grey inner circle

by maarten baas
V9015007A valerie_objects muller van severen

trivets mix set/4

by muller van severen
V9017040 valerie_objects muller van severen

five circles set a

by muller van severen
V9020412 valerie_objects destroyers/builders

tray aluminum assemble

by destroyers/builders