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The colourful trivets might just be one of the most iconic images that Muller Van Severen have created in their celebrated career. With Trivets, the design couple reinterpreted a simple kitchen tool by positioning it against the wall as a piece of art. Today, they redraw the composition. The new collection of Trivets consists of five simple circles in pastels and bright hues creating a colourful yet minimalistic composition of concentric rounds. Consider it a bangle for the kitchen wall. An all-black set is also available. These circular Trivets can also be combined with the original rectangular Trivets. “Don’t discard the old, add to it”, is what the designers are essentially saying. These Trivets act as a symbol of mix-and-match and a carefree cuisine.

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L 23 W 23 H 0,5 CM


materials steel


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trivets by muller van severen

Just like all of Muller Van Severen’s furniture and objects, these trivets are stripped to the bare essence. They consist of nothing more than a thin steel outline of six millimeters thick. “We found that to be the most aesthetic.” Hannes explains. “But six millimeters is quite thin. To ensure that the table itself wouldn’t get burned while using the trivet, we tested it. We placed a pan full of sizzling hot sausages on the trivet which was placed on one of our polyethylene tables — polyethylene can’t stand heat. It seemed to work.” (laughs) Functionality empirically proven! More importantly is the beauty of these trivets. Once hung on top of each other against the wall, the mix of varying shapes create an abstract work of colored lines. “We chose the shapes and colors very carefully.” Fien says. “It must form a whole”. That it does.