alu dining table m yellow by muller van severen

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A garden deserves design that intensifies the beauty of its trees, its grass and its flowers. With that in mind we present the alu table by the renowned design couple Muller Van Severen. The table comes in three sizes, S, M and L and can be considered a creative continuation of the alu chair. Like the chair, the alu table consists of a light aluminium frame and a thickly lacquered surface, allowing the layer of color to become a material on its own. The colours are one hundred percent Muller Van Severen, with specific and well-chosen hues of pink, green, yellow and écru. These fresh colours match those of the chairs and blend perfectly with the serene feeling of sunny outdoor life. It is Muller Van Severen’s intention to use the table both indoors and outdoors. Due to its light weight, it can be moved with ease.

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L 180 W 85 H 74 CM


materials aluminium
installation instructions included yes
operating environment outdoor
modularity no


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product code: V9023201-200

alu tables by muller van severen