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Robbrecht en Daem architecten was established in 1975 by Paul Robbrecht and Hilde Daem. The agency has created and completed a diverse range of projects. The interplay between architectural design and the visual arts is a unifying theme in their body of work. They designed structures for performing arts and music halls. Even their scientific-technical designs, like the laboratories, juxtapose constructions with contemporary art.

Robbrecht en Daem architecture establishes a contemporary and humane position, with constructions making statements in a broad cultural context of science and art. Since 2002 Johannes Robbrecht joined the team and he is partner since 2012. Less a theory than a spirit, “displacement” is the motive force of Robbrecht en Daem’s architecture: their buildings are durable, multiple and situated, but do not escape the mobility and exchange of our contemporary condition.’

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_less a theory than
a spirit, displacement is
the motive force._

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