maria scarpulla


Simple yet poetic wall paintings surrounded by a halo of light: that’s Tramonti Lighting in a nutshell. Maria Scarpulla, the name by which Maria Scarpulla and her partner Jori Hernalsteen (1987) design minimalist objects, started off with painting color shapes that would later become light objects. Tramonti does not swindle with the simplicity of the paintings. Even after adding the technicalities required for a lamp, the paintings remain as they are but with a soft aureole of light added to it: hence the name Tramonti, the Italian word for sunset. Tramonti is available in five different shapes and equally different colors — deep blue, dark red, off-white, dark green, black — that can be easily combined to create a beautiful composition. There’s one oval added in stainless steel to create an extra mirror-like spark.