alu chair wood/alu frame by muller van severen

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The standing lamp is a continuation of the hanging lamp that was presented during their very first exhibition, which was held at Valerie Traan, the gallery of Valerie Objects’ art director Veerle Wenes. These lamps originate from the same concept, which is the materialization of simple and colorful drawings in the space of the interior. Similar to the hanging lamp, this standing lamp consists of practically nothing more than one fluent, curved line with a bulb attached to the end of it. Since this object needs to stand on the ground, two small lines were added, becoming the legs of the lamp. On one hand the basic design doesn’t draw too much attention, on the other hand its playful character does tingle the eye. To emphasize this frolic appearance, the lamp is offered in joyous colors such as green, blue and even curry. Subdued versions in black, grey and brass are also available.

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L 52 W 39 H 80 CM


Materials aluminium


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product code: V9021001

alu chair

alu chair by muller van severen

The renowned design couple Muller Van Severen designed their alu chair back in 2015 as an outdoor chair for Anne Holtrop’s Bahrain pavilion at the World Expo in Milan. Since then, it has become one of the favourite models for architects and design fans with a heart for playful minimalism. Although it is originally conceived as an outdoor chair, many have already given it a place inside their homes. The success of this chair is credited to its light weight and its typical Muller Van Severen signature. The carefully selected colours are applied with a UV-protective lacquer, in order to maintain their brightness. The uncoated aluminum frame shines wonderfully in the sun.