glenn sestig 

Glenn Sestig architects is synonymous with contemporary chic. His work can be seen as unrelentingly urban and contemporary - materials are exclusive and its combinations are renewing and unique. 

With regular publications in renowned magazines and recognition in global architectural awards glenn sestig has earned his place as one of the most noticeable architects out there.

With dishes to dishes, sestig offers a range of creative and culinary options. Whether as plates or dishes, functional or purely decorative, individual or stacked. "This collection easily adapts to any style of interior design" says sestig, who relied on the basic form of his "pleasure dôme" for the creation of this brand new line for valerie_objects. “This form permits the elegant stacking of the bowls, where every base forms the lid of the lower one.” For the name ‘dishes to dishes’, sestig was inspired by none other than david bowie. "When i heard the song ‘ashes to ashes’ in the car, the name ‘dishes to dishes’ came to mind. All the more so because I think the low basic form of the dishes is reminiscent of a galactic shape and i heard the text ‘I'm happy, hope you're happy too’.

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_for the name of this
collection, sestig was
spontaneously inspired by
the song "ashes to ashes"
by david bowie_


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