handwoven carpets ivy / fran / lucy / frenzy

TheAlfredCollection presents four series (Ivy, Fran, Lucy, Frenzy) of handwoven minimalist carpets made by Belgian textile designers Marie Mees en Cathérine Biasino.

The designer duo have a zero-compromise mentality when it comes to durability and aesthetics. Firstly, all carpets are handwoven with a mixture of two top-shelf wools from New Zealand and Portugal, the first offering the right softness and look, the other adding strength. Secondly, the designers envision a minimalist aesthetic that resonates timelessness and not trendiness. In fact, hyped colors are fiercely avoided. By offering highly durable and supremely sober carpets, TheAlfredCollection honors the archetype of the carpet, pure in form and in function, making it the perfect textile for the minimalist interior of the design admirer.

photography Filip Dujardin
undercast graphic and web design